The good taste of chocolate ice cream made with fine Dutch cocoa, with a high protein content (30 g per jar). Free from added sugars, dairy free and gluten free.

Ingredients: Rehydrated skimmed MILK (naturally lactose-free), sweeteners (maltitol, erythritol), low-fat cocoa powder (6%) vegetable oil (coconut), vegetable fiber (chicory),vegetable proteins,
flavourings, emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of food fatty acids), thickeners (tare gum, guar gum, sodium alginate).

***CONTAINS NATURAL SUGAR, are present in milk (glucose-galactose), used to improve the structure, appearance and flavor of the product.
Sugar (sucrose) is absent. Excessive consumption can have laxative effects.
Less than 0.01g/100g lactose is split into its simplest components, glucose and galactose.

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:
Energy: 445 kj / 130 kcal - Fats: 6,3g / of which saturated fats: 5,6g - Carbohydrates: 24,5g / of which Sugars***: 3,8g of which Polyols: 17,7g, Fibre: 1,5g - Proteins: 12g - Salt: 0,11g - Lactose: <0,01g